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koi-pondWe carry bulk fish food in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 250 pounds. The food for pond fish and large aquariums. Our feed is the same foods other sell in fancy packaging, however we sell our fish feed in bulk without fancy labeling to save you money and our customers are very happy with it.

We are glad that you could make it! Now from January through December of each year we offer floating Koi fish food and Goldfish food in bulk to the general public, pet stores, zoos, and about any one else who has a need for small and large quantities of fish food than what can normally be bought retail. Used in field ponds, backyard ponds and large aquariums.

We sell a good quality floating fish food at way below what you would pay in retail stores. Great goldfish food,

Floating / Bulk Pond Fish Food

  • 3636% protein 4 mm floating fish food pellets which is great for all pond sized Koi and Goldfish. For growth and color enhancement. Fingerling growth and overall health. Sold in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 250 pound bulk.

  • 3232% protein Goldfish and Koi fish food pellets for mature Koi and Goldfish which is an 8 mm floating pellet. For general heath and balance. Sold in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 250 pound bulk.

Current prices can be found here for 36% or 32%.

Goldfish_pondWe hope you can take a few minutes to look around our web site. This site has allot to offer the koi and/or Goldfish hobbyist, and is continuing to grow (by several pages per week it seems). Our member’s only area contains information on special discounts on our products (when available), real time news, weather, sports, and individual pages for members who have sent in pictures and stories relating to koi, Goldfish, ponds, and water gardening in general. Members will receive their user IDs and passwords by e-mail in our news letter along with the current specials on koi and Goldfish food as well as happenings here on the farm. Every koi and/or Goldfish keeper or water gardener is welcome to become a member, there is no charge whatsoever. You can join today for free by clicking here.

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