Statement of understanding and terms of sale:

  1. I understand that Morning Mist Farm is an operating farm, and, that at certain times it may be logistically impossible to ship on the date promised; but that Morning Mist Farm will faithfully attempt to fulfill all promises to a customer at all times.
  2. I understand that Morning Mist Farm’s sole extent of liability is the replacement of damaged product, or refund of purchase price, at the seller’s option. Morning Mist Farm will accept no further liability. Further, it is agreed that Morning Mist Farm is not responsible for lost or mis-directed products once said product is delivered to the shipper of the buyers choice.
  3. I understand that feed analyses is not conducted by Morning Mist Farm, and the seller relies solely upon the manufacturer’s report.
  4. I understand that placing this order constitutes a binding contract under the Laws of the State of Missouri and the U.C.C., and that this contract does not become binding upon Morning Mist Farm until funds are accepted. I further understand that should Morning Mist Farm not be able to provide ordered product in a timely manner after payment is accepted, that the buyer’s sole and complete remedy shall be the full refund of movies paid for that transaction, and that no other liability is incurred on behalf of the seller.
  5. I acknowledge that statement acknowledging the above is included in my electronic order form in a “hidden” text tag and will be forwarded with my order as integral part there unto.

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